Trailer: The Man with the Iron Fists

Obviously not content with having made the best hip-hop albums of all time, Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA will be citing his Kung-Fu influences once again, making his directorial debut with 19th century martial arts epic The Man with the Iron Fists. Not only do we now have the first official trailer courtesy of IGN, but the footage merits the title of yet another potential contender for film of the year. Please note this trailer is not safe for work and will land you in hot water with your IT department due to projectile eyeballs.

This little gem may have slipped under your radar with all the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises hullaballoo going on, but I personally guarantee it will be equally as good as the aforementioned titles, if not better. I may be slightly biased with my love for martial arts films and old school hip-hop, but impartiality is overrated and Wu-Tang Clain ain’t nuthing ta f’wit.

Set in 19th century feudal China,The Man with the Iron Fiststells the story of a blacksmith who unites with a band of warriors in order to defend his fellow villagers. Kung-Fu super rapper RZA stars as the mystical blacksmith, who has the ability to channel ancient powers which allow him to weaponize his entire body. He is joined by an eccentric cast of Russell Crowe as Jacknife, Cung Lee as Bronze Lion, Lucy Lui as Madam Blossom, and Dave Batisa as Brass Body amongst others.

The Man with the Iron Fists: Not really sure what’s going on here, but it looks amazing!

It is rumoured that RZA and co-producer Eli Roth were initially discussing the project in 2005, despite the fact The Man with the Iron Fist was officially announced in 2008. RZA and Eli Roth also wrote the screenplay together, which has cost an estimated $20m to make. Production began in Shanghai in 2010, after which the film underwent a hefty editing process. Cast member Jamie Chung spoke exclusively to Collider about the editing process.

‘The original cut was four hours long and RZA like, ‘Let’s turn it into two movies!’ and Eli was like, ‘…No…’ so they’re really excited and I have complete faith in RZA.  He’s a complete genius when it comes to these things and he knows the genre so well.’ Chung went on to talk about the film itself, revealing ‘it will have that kind of cult feel. I don’t think everyone loved, you know, 36 Chambers of Shaolin or…is it Five Deadly Venoms? It’s definitely a delicacy. It’s still fun and awesome and Russell Crowe’s doing some crazy things that you would never think you’d see him do.’

No official release date has yet been attached to RZA’s high-kicking cinematic debut, but the film is due out in August according to Chung. Universal and TriStar pictures will handle distribution.

What do you make of the trailer? Will The Man with the Iron Fists become a piece of Kung-Fi movie history? I know what I think, but what about you? Leave a comment below and get yourself heard!

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